Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What a day!

Today was definitely one for the books... Lily's teeth have really been bothering recently and last night she had trouble sleeping. After two hours of listening to her on-and-off crying, I finally gave in and let her sleep in the bed with me - for the first time. We slept fine for a few hours, but then around 5 am, Lily wanted to chat. So she went back into her bed after that and slept in her room for the rest of the morning. I know this is entirely too much information, but this is a big deal to me since Lily has never slept anywhere other than her crib. 

Moving on... We took Lil to see Dr. O today about the rash on her face. 
We were happy to hear it was only eczema, which can be easily treated. We hope that she won't be burdened with skin problems her whole life and that she will grow out of this in a year or two. We're just thankful it isn't anything more serious.

Lily made it well known today that she does not like the doctor's office. She almost fell off the table several times because she was so upset and almost flung herself off of the scale when the nurse was trying to weigh her. Lily can be a bit dramatic at times... wonder who she gets that from? 

While at the doctor's office, we also had Lily's 15 month well check up. Here are her current stats:

Length: 28.75" - less than 5th percentile
Weight: 24 lbs - 50 - 75th percentile
Head Circumference: 18.5" - 75th percentile

Dr. O noticed that Lily holds her breath when she's upset and informed us that some children pass out from this. I sure hope Lily won't be one of those children. She also told us that Lily was old enough for time outs now. :( This makes me a little sad, because it means my little baby girl is growing up. I don't want her to grow up!!

Here's a few pictures I've taken in the last few days. This is Lily with her very first ponytail! 

Ok, well I can't think of anything else to write about right now, so I'm going to say good night. I'm hoping for a more restful evening tonight... for myself and for Lily. 

Sweet dreams!


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