Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goodbye July!

Goodbye July... Hello August! I cannot believe tomorrow is the first day of August!! July proved to be a very good month for the Ward family. Now that August is here, we have more to look forward to, including the Pressley family vacation at Brosnan Forest! 

Here are a few pictures of our last vacation @ Brosnan Forest. 
In just a few more weeks, we will get to make more fun memories at one of my favorite vacation spots!

We are also getting closer to Gabriella's arrival! Baby shower season will soon be here and I am so excited for Alice and Josh!

Lily had a playdate with Elizabeth this morning. Her mom, Kelly, and I went to high school together and it was fun watching the two girls play today. 

This afternoon we went to visit Sandra and were lucky enough to see Lauren, Mark and the boys (Anthony, Logan and Sam)! Here they are with Lily.

Football season is almost here!! Go Gamecocks! 

I hope everyone has a nice weekend! 

And just for fun... This was Lily one year ago. (Look at those skinny little legs!)
♥, Claire