Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm back!

We've had a lot going on in my family the last few weeks. After we lost a friend (who was more like a family member) in January - we also lost my Papa Charlie on February 20th. He hadn't been well for some time. After my grandmother passed away in February 2010, Papa just wasn't the same. He left us a few weeks ago to be with his Savior and the love of his life. We will miss him, but we know that he is happy and at peace.

It is always so sad to lose a loved one and it is a strong reminder that our time here on Earth is short. It's easy to get lost in our daily lives and forget our true purpose here.

We had a lot happening in February - both happy and sad. Here are some snapshots of the happier times. :)

Girls night:

don't ask...

Gabriella's baptism:

Preacher Mitch, Alice, Gabriella & Josh

Cousins: Jorja, Taylor & Lily

Alice & Gabriella

Mama Elsie, Gabriella, Jorja, Taylor & Papa Ralph (Lily refused to be a part of this picture)

Nathan, myself & Lily

Mama Elsie, Mom, Gabriella & Papa Ralph

We also had a suprise birthday party for my little sister, Alice (aka Aunt B or A.B.). She turned 25!!! on February 26. Seriously? 25!?!? That makes me almost 28 (in just a week and a half)!

Alice & Josh

Cousins ♥

Here are some random's from February:

Lily & Gretchen

Lily loves her daddy!

and sidewalk chalk...

isn't she beautiful?

Much love,


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