Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm Back!!

I took a break from the blog last year because there was just so much going on and recently decided that I would pick it back up because I know there are a few people out there who would enjoy reading updates on our family.

We had a beautiful baby girl, Catherine Ellen, on December 26. We call her Kate. She just celebrated her 3 month birthday last week It's hard to believe three months have already come and gone. It's so much harder to enjoy those little moments when you have a wild three year old. But I do my best to soak them in and helps me to enjoy those late night feedings a little more.

Lily is in love with her little sis (and so are we)! She "pets" her constantly and loves to give her kisses. I can't believe our "big" baby is going to be THREE in just a couple of weeks. She is so smart and loving. I just wish time passed a little more slowly. Lily has been spending a lot of time with our neighbor, Lily's best friend, Gretchen. They go between our house and hers on a daily basis and usually have bath time together. I look forward to watching those two grow up together.

Ready for photo overload? It's always so hard to choose which ones to post...

Lily riding bikes with her BFF

This girl loves her bubbles!

All the neighborhood riders


 At the library

My happy baby. I hope she loves reading as much as her big sis!

Lily's school Easter party

Kate & Great Grandma

Lily & her daddy

Mama & Lily

Kate & Great Grandpa

My assistant & photographer in the making

My little diva

Much love,

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