Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's my party and I'll strip if I want to...

We celebrated Lily's party the same day as Kate's baptism, so it was a very special, fun-filled day for us.

We just had a cookout at mom and dad's and enjoyed the company of our family and close friends.

And yes, my 3 year old beauty, showed everyone her birthday suit at her party.

there's the birthday girl in her birthday suit

 Happy 3rd Birthday!


 All the kiddos

My best girls. Love them!

Since I never make it pictures (I'm usually the only one taking any), every time I see my dear friend, Jackie, she always makes sure to grab my camera and take a few of me. However, I'm not as poised (or beautiful) in front of the camera as she is. 

 With the birthday girl

ok, that's enough... 

Kate and her bff

Cousin Taylor

Cousin Jorja

Mom, Dad & my 2nd dad

Grandma Elsie

The Ward Clan (minus Lily)

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